Early enrollees will benefit from extra time

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- As school has started up again at Michigan, three Wolverines recruits are now officially Michigan students.

Linebackers Kaleb Ringer and Joe Bolden along with safety Jarrod Wilson are all enrolled in school for this semester, and Ringer and Wilson have begun classes. Bolden will be in Ann Arbor next week after he plays in tonight's Under Armour All-American Game.

"They were just able to," Michigan coach Brady Hoke said. "They are three of them that could get everything done because of the calendar of their high school and all those things. We didn't push any of them to come early.

"I think at some point, kids miss their senior year of high school, and that's an important part. We don't encourage anybody, but they wanted to, and their clock made it work."

All three will be able to participate in Michigan's spring practice, which could conceivably give them an upper hand when it comes to playing time in the fall.

It'll also help them understand the course load and academic rigors of college.

"The more experience you have in anything, and I think that's part of it, they'll have the whole spring," Hoke said. "The acclimation to the academics here at Michigan are an important part. That, to me, from an academic standpoint, is as important as anything, as you don't have the pressure of a season at the same time."