Quick hits from the Beilein radio show

Michigan coach John Beilein just finished up his weekly radio show at Pizza House in Ann Arbor. Decent crowd tonight -- bigger than usual.

Here, as always, are the highlights in quick-to-digest bullet form:

  • On his players watching film: "I like right now that when they watch film, they have an ability to learn from it and teach us. Stu (Douglass) is great at it and Zack (Novak), too, stop it, I want Trey (Burke) to see that. They have great ideas for different things. Now Timmy (Hardaway Jr.) and Evan (Smotrycz), Jordan (Morgan) spoke today and said ‘stop (the film) right there.’"

  • On Jordan Morgan: "His fire has been lit. He needed it. He’s getting there little-by-little with that."

  • Beilein received a letter lauding Stu Douglass for how he was coaching as he left the floor after fouling out against Indiana. Not surprising, actually, considering how he has taken to mentoring Trey Burke.

  • On defense against Wisconsin: "That was a pretty good one, yeah." Said they did some things Sunday they only do against the Badgers.

  • On Tim Hardaway Jr. and his emotion: "Emotion going in the right direction, that's the important thing. Not self-inflicted emotion but team thoughts. He's very hard on himself and we're always working at it. You don't worry about it, you just teach it and instruct it and work through it."

  • On Northwestern's Drew Crawford: "What a great get for Northwestern. He's an athlete who can shoot, who can pass, who can really play."

  • Northwestern color guy and former Wildcat -- and Merrick, N.Y. native -- Tim Doyle said he thinks Burke could be Freshman of the Year in the league -- Beilein quickly said he isn't there yet.

  • Doyle said he thinks Michigan has too many scoring options for Northwestern to handle.

  • Doyle saw Michigan recruit Glenn Robinson III (St. John, Ind./Lake Central) earlier this year and said "Holy cow is he good." Then, he said he thinks Michigan is a Final Four team next season -- Beilein responded by asking what Happy Hour Doyle is frequenting currently in Chicago.

  • Beilein on Iowa: "We needed Jordan Morgan to make two foul shots to go into overtime last year. They have everyone back from last year's team." Beilein said they'll have to play as well as they did against Wisconsin to win at Iowa. Michigan has gone to overtime there past two seasons. Credited former coach Todd Lickliter and his current assistant, LaVall Jordan, for leaving good players for new coach Fran McCaffery.

  • Beilein said he personally invited a lot of the former Michigan players who returned for the Wisconsin game himself and some couldn't make it due to conflicts.