How we voted in ESPN.com's Top 25

Neither Adam nor I have a vote in the Associated Press, USA Today coaches' or Harris polls, and we do not have a voice in baserunning obstruction calls. But we do have a say in the weekly ESPN.com Power Rankings, and here's what we said this week.

Brian's Top 25

1. Alabama

2. Oregon

3. Florida State

4. Ohio State

5. Baylor

6. Stanford

7. Miami

8. Oklahoma

9. Clemson

10. LSU

11. Auburn

12. South Carolina

13. Missouri

14. Texas A&M

15. Wisconsin

16. Texas Tech

17. UCLA

18. Fresno State

19. UCF

20. Louisville

21. Michigan State

22. Northern Illinois

23. Notre Dame

24. Arizona State

25. Michigan

Adam's Top 25

1. Alabama

2. Oregon

3. Florida State

4. Ohio State

5. Stanford

6. Baylor

7. Miami

8. Clemson

9. Oklahoma

10. Auburn

11. Missouri

12. South Carolina

13. LSU

14. Wisconsin

15. Texas A&M

16. UCLA

17. Texas Tech

18. Oklahoma State

19. UCF

20. Fresno State

21. Louisville

22. Notre Dame

23. Northern Illinois

24. Michigan State

25. Michigan

We both have four Big Ten teams ranked this week, with Michigan just sneaking in at No. 25. There's a very good chance, of course, that either Michigan State or Michigan will drop out next week, depending on the outcome of this week's game. … We both remain much higher on Wisconsin than most of the rest of the country. The Badgers have a prove-it game at Iowa this week, and that upcoming BYU game is looking tougher. … Not a ton of difference on our ballots elsewhere, with the exception of Oklahoma State. Adam has the Pokes at 18th, while I just haven't been impressed with their wins over the soft middle of a down Big 12. Of course, you could also make the same argument against some Big Ten clubs.

What does your Top 25 look like this week?