Question of the Week: Best Taunt

We here at WolverineNation are introducing a new weekly feature today -- Question of the Week.

The concept is simple. Each week we will ask pretty much everyone we chat with whatever the question of the week is. Then, every Monday, we'll post the best answers we got from the mix of people we chat with throughout the course of a week.

For the debut this week, we decided to ask people 'What is the best taunt you ever heard?' Want to submit your own question for consideration? Do so here in The Den.

Now, on to the first batch of results:

'What is the best taunt you've ever heard (that's clean)?'

Michigan sophomore forward Evan Smotrycz: "I don’t want to give Michigan State fans credit, but they were pretty in-depth in terms of knowing my family members, stuff like that. Going back to high school, St. Thomas More, they always had a tiny gym with a ton of fans and they were notorious for having crazy fans. I remember being at the free throw line and I don’t know how they knew it, but my mom was at the game and they knew it and were like ‘Charleen is disappointed in you.’ I’m like ‘The heck? How do you know? This is high school.’ I don’t want to give Michigan State credit, so I’ll go with that one."

Former Michigan basketball player Daniel Horton: "We played at Duke right after the sanctions. They were chanting ‘Show Me The Money’ and throwing Monopoly money all up in the air and it was crazy. When I reflect on my college basketball career, I try to reflect on the good things and when we went down there, we got beat pretty bad so I try not to remember that experience. But as far as taunts, there and Michigan State, not directly toward me but to one of my teammates they were chanting ‘Hooked on Phonics.’ They had it spelled out across the top row. It was crazy."

Michigan football 2012 verbal commitment Amara Darboh: "After I committed, people always said, “Michigan State and Ohio State are better.” But the only thing that really gets me is when people tell me I’m not good enough. I remember one game we were doing a slip play and I dropped the ball and I went to pick it up and people on the sideline kept saying, 'You shouldn’t be a D-I athlete.' I don’t like when people question my talent."

Michigan redshirt sophomore forward Jordan Morgan: "It’s gotten where people know your girlfriend’s name and stuff like that but that’s about as bad as it’s gotten. I was in high school the first time it happened and then it happened at Michigan State again last year. I looked at the guy, smiled, gave him a thumbs up, like, ‘Cool. Cool.’"

Wisconsin guard Jordan Taylor: "That’s tough. I get the generic ones and I always get ‘Carlton,’ because I look like Carlton from the Fresh Prince. But other than that, I haven’t really heard too many great ones. Our fans against Michigan State were yelling out that they were going to Iowa State next year, which is kind of funny. But other than that, I don’t pay attention to that stuff much, just try to block it out and play the game.

"Oh man, (the Carlton taunt came) when I was a sophomore in high school. Our rival in high school started chanting it quietly when I was at the free throw line. I started laughing. I don’t take too much stuff to heart."

Former Michigan cornerback Tony Anderson: "In high school I started playing tackle football and you know people like to be flashy and dress up. If you’re a good player, you should look nice. One time before a game, I was scouted out and was supposed to have a good game and someone on the other team saw me and was like, ‘Look at this dude, his tights are loose, his jersey doesn’t fit.’ I was like ‘You know what, I should do something about that. I need to look better on the field.’ So that kind of got to me."