Michigan spring game predictions: No. 5

Michigan’s spring game is in less than a month, so we’re going to try our best to look into the future and make five predictions for the next few weeks and what we might or might not see in the scrimmage.

Prediction No. 5: The Wolverines won’t pick up any commitments during the spring season or at the spring game.

Michigan lost two top 2015 commits over the past few months -- No. 1 athlete George Campbell (December) and No. 1 running back Damien Harris (January). Certainly the Wolverines' 7-6 record in 2013 didn’t scream "promise" for players who have their pick of almost any school in the country.

The Wolverines will host recruits through spring practices, and they’ll be able to show all the benefits of coming to Michigan -- the facilities, the family atmosphere, the education. But most recruits will likely wait to make any commitment decisions, which makes sense.

Even if the Wolverines come out and look awesome in the spring game, how much would that show a prospect? If the offense looks great, does that mean the defense is struggling? And vice versa? And if that’s true, does a player want to go somewhere that is only showing growth and skill on one side of the ball?

Michigan's 2015 class currently has four players -- athlete Shaun Crawford, safety Tyree Kinnel, kicker Andrew David and offensive tackle Jon Runyan Jr. All four are talented prospects who fill areas of need for the Wolverines, but they likely won’t be joined by anyone until Michigan takes the field against a true opponent. Appalachian State as a season opener isn’t exactly the best gauge for recruits either, but playing at Notre Dame on Sept. 6 should be a good barometer.

In the past two classes, coach Brady Hoke has picked up several recruits early in the process. He’s not a fan of game-time decisions or battles that come down to national signing day. But this recruiting class might be a bit different. Last season left so many questions in the minds of recruits. Perhaps Hoke will be able to persuade some recruits through hard-hitting practices and summer camps that Michigan is the right fit. But it seems like a lot of prospects are going to wait this one out, meaning the 2015 class isn’t going to fill up in the next month.

Other predictions: