Question of the Week: Guilty pleasure

Welcome back to our new weekly feature: Question of the week.

The concept is simple. Each week we will ask pretty much everyone we chat with whatever the question of the week is. Then, every Monday, we'll post the best answers we got from the mix of people we chat with throughout the course of a week.

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Now, onto this week's question: What's your guilty pleasure?

STU DOUGLASS, Michigan senior guard: Back in high school my mom was a huge Oprah fan, so she would watch Oprah every day and I would sit there after school sometimes and I’d watch it with her. It took me a while to realize that was actually enjoyable, watching some of it. It’s not the manliest thing to do, I know.

MIKE MARTIN, former Michigan defensive tackle: I really like to eat, so I’ll go to Five Guys and get three cheeseburgers with bacon and all that and I’m supposed to be in shape, and I’m feeling so guilty after I ate it, like, ‘Oh, man!’

ZACK NOVAK, Michigan senior guard: Final Fantasy XIII. I was playing it before I came over (Monday). I actually stopped playing. I played it my sophomore year, got all the way to the second disc and couldn’t beat the boss. I just quit because I tried so many times. I picked it up today and just randomly put it in and beat it. Yeah, I was pretty pumped about that.

KEVIN KOGER, Former Michigan tight end: I have an unhealthy obsession for hot wings. I love them. Everywhere I go, I have to try their hot wings. I know I shouldn’t because it’s fried chicken with hot sauce on it and I really shouldn’t be eating them but everywhere I go, I have to try their hot wings. I have to.

Follow-up question: Who has the best hot wings? I have to be biased so I’d say this place in Toledo called Fricker’s. I think they have the best hot wings but a surprising second, a tie for second, could be Hooters and Pizza House. They have some really good hot wings that people don’t know about.

TIM HARDAWAY JR., Michigan sophomore guard: Basketball, I’d say, just shooting the ball when a guy is on me. Coach Beilein stresses that all the time and I end up doing it anyway and he gets mad about it and I just keep doing it for some reason. It never gets through my head. I need to stop and just take wide open shots.