Hail to the Grammar Police

More and more schools have stepped up their game with the mail they send to prospects. Plain ol’ notes on a school letterhead are so 10 years ago. Top programs have hired graphic artists to create some stunning designs and unique recruiting pitches to help standout from the crowd.

But in the case of the University of Michigan, maybe they should also hire a copy editor.

Mike Weber, the nation’s No. 152 prospect and a highly coveted in-state prospect, said he received the above note from Michigan. The design, a replication of ESPN The Magazine, definitely is eye-catching, but so is the typo advertising Weber as Michigan’s “All-Amercian RB.”

Despite the error, the Wolverines remain very much in contention for Weber, the No. 2 player in Michigan. Weber also lists Michigan State, Ohio State, Wisconsin and Tennessee as his top teams.