Quick hits from Beilein's radio show

Michigan basketball coach John Beilein just finished up with his weekly radio show where he hit on a bunch of topics.

As always, here are the highlights in convenient bullet-point form:

  • Beilein said he had his team watch around two hours of film today. Also talked a lot about things they can control. This is the day after Ohio State.

  • Beilein on Ohio State: "We just didn't play well enough, mentally and physically, to win the game."

  • Said Ohio State has "two first rounders" in Jared Sullinger and William Buford. Then added Deshaun Thomas to it, too, amending it to three first-rounders in the NBA. "They have superior talent to many teams in the country," Beilein said.

  • Beilein said he felt Trey Burke handled going back to Columbus "very well." Thought he had a "very solid" performance.

  • Called win at Purdue "a gritty, gutty performance."

  • Beilein loves his St. Louis Cardinals. Made another Albert Pujols reference. Pujols, of course, is no longer a Cardinal. Reminded of that, he responded: "I was thinking about that today. David Freese, Lance Berkman maybe, Matt Holliday."

  • Beilein: "I don't remember any of my teams having an RPI at 19 at any time." That's where Michigan is right now.

  • Beilein on schedule: "We have to be flexible where we might not play for 72 hours. Or we might not play for six days." Said his team is good at putting wins and losses behind him.

  • Watched some "digital video" of Indiana today. Said they "have come a long way" since that day.

  • The challenge now, Beilein said, is "how to stay game ready, but not tire your guys out." With Indiana, transition defense is key. Said if they work on it hard for two days, they'll be exhausted for the game.

  • Beilein mentioning the Coaches' Charity Challenge, which he is in representing the St. Louis Center. He gave out fliers at his radio show. Winner gets $100,000 for his charity. To vote, go to http://www.espn.com/infiniti

  • He said people, "they can vote for me, every day." Said in his region it is "myself, Thad Matta and Tom Izzo, who are you going to vote for?"

  • Beilein: "I can't wait to bring Zack Novak out to the St. Louis Center and Jordan Morgan."

  • Beilein said he notices people in the lobbies on the road "than I saw in the first couple of years." That's usually a sign of improvement.

  • Every day, Beilein is interrupted by the sound of construction every day and "it makes him smile." They are working on the second phase of Crisler improvements now.

  • Beilein seems excited about the direction of the entire Michigan sports program, mentioned Kevin Borseth and women's basketball and hockey.

  • In playing a team the second time -- Indiana and Michigan State are second-time opponents this week -- the assistant coach who had the scout will usually do a breakdown soon after the first game so the notes are fresh. It gives them a small heads-up. "You still work just as long, but not having as much discovery as the first time you played them."