Michigan AD favors Emmert's proposal

One of Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon's go-to sayings throughout his almost two years in charge has been that he's a guy who favors change when it is necessary.

He's been a believer in NCAA rules reform and has been vocal that something needs to be fixed within the NCAA legislation.

So it was of little surprise Monday night when he backed NCAA president Mark Emmert's proposal to add $2,000 per year to college scholarships to aid in the cost of attendance -- an idea initially floated by Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany at the league's spring meetings in May.

"I favor the proposal to provide additional funding that will allow us to provide a scholarship funding level that is closer to the real cost of attendance," Brandon said in an email to WolverineNation on Monday night.

The $2,000 proposal -- if broken down by the average school year of 38 weeks -- comes to an extra $52.63 per week on average for each athlete, or $210.52 per month.

Two Michigan football players -- senior center David Molk and senior defensive end Ryan Van Bergen -- both offered support to Emmert's proposal Monday.