Quick hits from Beilein radio show

Michigan coach John Beilein finished up his weekly radio show a few minutes ago at Pizza House in Ann Arbor, Mich.

He chatted about Michigan State, the Super Bowl, his birthday and more. As always, here are the highlights in quick-to-digest bullet-form:

  • Interestingly, Michigan practices in Crisler the day before every game -- except Ohio State next weekend, due to a gymnastics meet.

  • Beilein, showing his small school roots, again mentions how wins-and-losses are different in the Big Ten than in the MAAC or CAA. That winning the conference tournament is the be-all, end-all in some ways in those leagues. In the Big Ten, multiple ways to get into the NCAAs.

  • Beilein said they spent a lot of time on Michigan State today because it is how to learn, especially after losses.

  • Beilein's birthday was Sunday. Someone brought him a cake to the radio show. He wants to share with those in attendance at the radio show.

  • Beilein on against Michigan State: "We've got to play better than that."

  • Beilein on MSU: "It was the exact same thing as the Ohio State game. If you watch Draymond Green, he was the key to the whole deal."

  • On Tim Hardaway Jr. "You have to let it go and move on. Tim has to do that."

  • Beilein said he makes decisions on how to handle players based off observations in practice -- whether to chew a player out or give positive motivation.

  • Beilein has never been to Nebraska before in his memory.

  • On Nebraska's Bo Spencer: "When you shoot a large number of shots like Bo does, he must be able to get his own shot."

  • On playing Nebraska for the first time: "We have to study extra hard to know these young men, personnel-wise." Unlike some higher-profile non-conference foes like Connecticut or Kansas, Beilein said this is a little different because Nebraska isn't on TV as much as those teams.

  • Beilein loves Nebraska coach Doc Sadler: "He's such a gentleman."...but..."I know nothing about his style."

  • Beilein said in the 1950s and 1960s, coaches would draw things up on napkins, didn't scout as much, not as much help defense.

  • Beilein on being able to fool opponents: "I think there's a chance you can show through parts of a game, but not a whole game."

  • Beilein watched the Super Bowl yesterday -- said he "got a headache" on how football coaches created strategy.

  • Beilein was surprised to hear Denard Robinson continues to show up at Michigan basketball games. Said he texted Michigan football coach Brady Hoke after the Michigan State home basketball game saying Robinson "must be wonderful to coach." Also said Robinson and Tim Hardaway Jr. are friends.

  • On the Super Bowl: "I watched the entire game. I watched the video of our Michigan State game on the hour back on the bus." Said there was a point where he couldn't watch anymore of the Michigan State game yesterday. Watched Super Bowl with his son and "ate really bad food. I mean, really bad food."

  • Beilein: "I love Tom Brady, but I do love my Buffalo Bills."

  • Beilein said his technical foul against Michigan State was his first in about two years. Said all he did was wave his hands and "you can't do that."

  • Beilein, on more Super Bowl stuff, said "I'm still recovering from the Scott Norwood miss." Then said Norwood is a great guy.

  • Beilein said there are 16 regular season practices left.