Quick hits from Beilein's radio show

Michigan basketball coach John Beilein just finished his weekly radio show at Pizza House in Ann Arbor, Mich.

As always, here are the highlights in an easy reading bullet form:

  • Beilein said he booted Zack Novak from the gym today because he was there all day. At this point, Beilein said, Novak and Stuart Douglass are trying to hold on to every moment of their careers.

  • Beilein said Matt Vogrich had "lost his swagger." He usually plays in the games with the scout team and non-rotation guys, in part, because he wants to shoot more.

  • Apparently Bacari Alexander accidentally hit Vogrich with hot sauce. Then, Vogrich started making shots. At least according to Beilein.

  • On Trey Burke: Beilein said he has the "calmest demeanor" of any freshman he has ever coached.

  • Despite Michigan's current lofty ranking and resume, he always feels like a bubble team until he hears name called.

  • Said Evan Smotrycz had a great week of practice last week so he thought he could break out of his slump Sunday. Also said Smotrycz had been playing in the "all-star" games and worked personally with Beilein for 15-20 minutes this week.

  • Beilein said Sunday "was one of the best shot selection days of the year." Joked, though, they threw six passes into the crowd. Hoped no one got hurt.

  • First time for GameDay this week. Beilein called another coach to ask about it and distractions. Called it a full-day commercial for Michigan and his team.

  • Beilein is going to treat Saturday like a road game -- except that they'll be in their own homes instead of in a hotel. But they will get them up early for a workout and treat it like a night game.

  • Beilein on guarding Jared Sullinger: "He's like a taller version of Barkley." Likes the way he creates space with his body and rebounds.

  • On how recruiting has changed for him since coming to Michigan: "We came in here with the idea of we had to discover what we needed. We had like one scholarship." Had Alex Legion, Kelvin Grady and Manny Harris, brought in Laval Lucas-Perry. None were with Michigan by senior year. Eventually looked "for fit." Added "it's not a science." Said he recruits some on potential.

  • Beilein on this year/next year committed recruits: "I'll make sure I'll see everybody play at least once this year that's committed. There's been a couple ones where we've either played. I'll get to see everybody and look at a lot of still young players, where ever they are."

  • Beilein had some young players on campus for visits this weekend -- mostly Class of 2014. Beilein didn't say 2014, however.

  • Beilein had visitors from the St. Louis Center -- a charity Beilein champions -- at the Player Development Center this week. Is planning a trip to the St. Louis Center, in Chelsea, Mich., sometime soon.