WolverineNation Mailbag

It's safe to say that the tradition of Taylor Lewan throwing Denard Robinson in the air will carry over to next season. Gregory Shamus/Getty Image

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and ate his or her fair share of chocolate and candy. Whether you enjoyed that day or not, I have a perfect way for you to celebrate the day after Valentine’s Day … Wednesday’s mailbag. This will help you get over your chocolate-induced coma or cry fest.

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Carol, DC alum: We’ve seen the pregame rituals with David Molk/Jack Miller and Taylor Lewan/Denard Robinson. Any thoughts on what we might see next year?

CJ: I’m not privy to the pregame plans of the football team, but I think you can expect to see Lewan still throwing Robinson in the air. I’m also assuming that Jack Miller will pass on Molk’s headbutting tradition to a new center or offensive lineman. As far as new pregame rituals, I’m guessing we’ll see something out of rising freshman Ondre Pipkins. He has a history of having a new hairstyle for each season of football and he told me that next year he thinks he’ll have the wings shaved into the sides of his head. So, if he’s doing that, I’m sure he’ll do other things as well.

Zach Jones, Royal Oak, Mich.: After seeing Jordan Morgan redshirt and then seemingly come out of nowhere to be a very valuable part of the team over the past two seasons, are you seeing or hearing anything that would suggest that we might see similar development out of Max Bielfeldt?

CJ: It’ll be interesting to see what happens with Bielfeldt. He has been the consummate scout team big man for the Wolverines, which will help him greatly over the next few seasons because he’s learning not only Michigan’s offenses and defenses but everyone else’s as well. With Mitch McGary coming in next year, I don’t know how much game time he will see, but Bielfeldt will definitely improve greatly by going against Morgan and McGary in practice every day. With the graduation of Morgan and the (assumed) early exit of McGary, Bielfeldt could step in and become a very solid presence for the Wolverines for a season or two.

Mike Wiktzer: With Michigan not getting a quarterback this class and Morris already on board for next year, do you think we go after another QB for 2013? If not, I’d have to think it’s a big priority for 2014.

CJ: They’re not going to go after another quarterback in the 2013 class. There’s really no reason. But yes, they will be looking around at 2014 quarterbacks and the fact they already have Shane Morris locked down gives them a head=start on looking around the country for the next signal caller. In state, they’ll probably look at Chance Stewart (Sturgis, Mich./Sturgis). As far as out-of-state talent, I’m not really sure who they’d target yet. It’s still early and most 2014 prospects have played only one year (if that) of varsity football.