Quick hits: Zack Novak and Trey Burke

Michigan players Zack Novak and Trey Burke finished chatting with the media Friday afternoon in advance of the No. 19 Wolverines game against No. 6 Ohio State on Saturday night as part of College GameDay.

Here, as always, are the highlights in easy to read bullet form:


  • Watch out during the Saturday morning telecast for some interesting signs, courtesy of friends of Novak. "Watch out for the @jbart20 sign."

  • On a big game: "It's a big game as far as winning the Big Ten is concerned. It's a rivalry game. There's a lot that goes into this one."

  • On feeling like a football game weekend atmosphere: "People have been pretty excited for a while now. We've had a pretty successful year. I don't notice anything too different. Maybe a little bit. But I don't see anyone partying yet. Too cold."

  • Is this a must win? "If you're going to win the Big Ten, this is one you would definitely like to have. I think it's just a big game. These are the games you sign up for when you come to Michigan. You want to play Ohio State, to be the main game on TV, to have some meaning as far as the season goes."

  • The biggest problem last game? "I don't think we attacked intelligently. Then, when we started to make a little bit of a run, we pushed it too much." Said it was the only game this year they did it.

  • On a 9 p.m. game: "We've played late games before. We're college kids. 9 p.m. is when our day gets going. We'll be all right."


  • On Craft's physicality: "Just looking at the options I'm going to have. The physicality is not really much of a problem because we have so much spacing. Basically just getting a setup on him and allowing our bigs to get some meat on him when he sets screens, it frees me up."

  • Did you get too emotional last game? "I really wasn't emotional at all. Before the game I was but once the game started, it was just another game. The environment wasn't as hostile as I thought it would be. The fans were saying things to us and booing us, of course, we were on the road, though."