Michigan players mentioned in McShay lists

The NFL combine has started in Indianapolis and while only three Michigan players were invited -- defensive tackle Mike Martin, wide receiver Junior Hemingway and center David Molk, who won't fully work out due to recovery from a foot injury -- they have not gone unnoticed.

Martin was named by ESPN analyst Todd McShay as the defensive tackle with the most toughness and highest motor.

"Ever since I’ve been at Michigan, all four years and then the Senior Bowl with the scouts, they all know I’m strong but the thing that is going to put me over the top is how well I’m going through my drills, my bag work, how I move my hips, being able to accelerate, coming out of my stance explosively," Martin told WolverineNation last month. "I think you have a guy who has 300-plus pounds on his frame that is strong and can move as well as a 260-pound dude is pretty impressive. That’s what I’m looking forward to the most."

He wasn't the only one to get noticed by McShay.

Molk, despite being unable to work out, called the Rimington Award winner the No. 3 run blocking center and No. 2 most aware center at the combine.

Hemingway was named the No. 5 most competitive/toughest receiver by McShay.

Tight end Kevin Koger, who wasn't invited to the combine, was mentioned as a tight end who might get drafted. He'll compete at a regional NFL combine in Chicago on March 3.

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