Quick hits from Beilein, Painter and Weber

The Big Ten teleconference just ended a little while ago and multiple coaches addressed Michigan-related topics throughout the call.

Here, as always, are the highlights in easy-to-read bullet form:


Beilein was asked another parity in the league question today. Continued his consistent thought that because there has been little turnover among coaches in the league, that has helped build programs.

Trey Burke struggled against Purdue on Saturday...here's part of the explanation from Beilein: "That's basketball. He's still learning every day about the different methods. There's hedges at all different angles. Wisconsin hedges are different than Purdue hedges. Teams switch ball screens more than they used to switch. Is it a hedge, is it a switch, is it a double, is it a double team? Every team is going to be completely different and as a result, we work on it endlessly to see all those things. But in the moment of action, he'll make a really great play and then he'll make a play that he'll learn from in the days ahead. It's like a quarterback reading the blitz and where are they coming from and what angles are they coming from and you have to adjust very quickly and that's easier said than done."

So can he learn more from Purdue because the Boilermakers had success against him doing that...: "They switched a lot of ball screens, Purdue did. They switched. They didn't hedge. They kept changing up, depending who was in the lineup, who was setting the screen. Every game we learn a lot from. Northwestern played the ball screen 100 percent differently than they did the first game."

Beilein on defensive issues Saturday: "There were several communication breakdowns that were uncharacteristic of a couple people and then there were some ones that were happening at such high speed, we were a bit tape delayed on what we were supposed to do. They run their stuff very well, shoot at a very high rate from deep. We did not have a great defensive game as far as recognizing quickly what we had to do. What was surprising was no one throws more tricks at you than Northwestern and we were able to adapt to that so well but we did not adapt as quickly in this game." Said he's going to ask his team what happened later Monday.


On how they handled Michigan: "Better position defense, not fouling and Michigan missing some shots they normally make. Michigan had a handful of shots in the second half they'd like to get back that were hurried a little bit but they also had a handful of shots that they normally make. But we were trying our best to keep Trey Burke out of the lane."

On way to beat Michigan, hedge hard if have bodies to do it: "That's with Trey Burke. He's dangerous and any time he gets deep on his penetration, it opens up a lot of things for their offense. Their system will beat you in what they run and then he can beat you with the breakdown in transition or halfcourt and getting into the teeth of the defense. It is what we chose to do with him. I don't think it's the total answer. On another day, he can riddle that and get into the defense a little bit more. It was just our day."

BRUCE WEBER, Illinois:

On his team: "Right now the main thing is to come with the same energy and spirit as we came with the other night."

On if he talks to his team about the NCAA tournament: "A week ago, we were still on the board in terms of the bracketologists. It’s something we definitely talk about. We had to get one before we made it part of our dreams and hopes and goals. Now you have a Michigan team that is really high rated."