2013 TE enjoys Michigan visit

Michigan already has two tight ends committed, but it looks as though they will be looking to add a third to the 2013 class. One of the bigger targets on the radar is Jacob Matuska (Columbus, Ohio/Bishop Hartley), who recently took a trip to Ann Arbor with his parents.

This wasn't Matuska's first visit to Michigan -- he was also on hand for the Wolverines' night game against Notre Dame last season -- but it was his first time getting to see the whole campus.

"My mom and dad went with me, and my mom mostly had questions about the academics. We got to see how they help kids, and she really liked that," he said. "I loved it, it felt great to see the whole campus. I really liked it a lot. Even the players that saw us stopped and introduced themselves, which was cool."

The Matuska family got the usual tour of the facilities, the campus and the stadium. The family will now take a trip over to Notre Dame on Saturday, which happens to be another one of his favorites.

"Michigan and Notre Dame are at the top mostly because those are the two places that I've gotten to visit and really enjoyed their staffs," he said. "It would probably be difficult to knock them out of the top, but I am trying to visit other places to get to know different programs."

While Michigan is recruiting Matuska as a tight end, Notre Dame is recruiting him as a defensive lineman. The Fighting Irish was his favorite team growing up, but he sees himself as a tight end in college, so he has an interesting predicament ahead of him.

Talking to the Michigan coaches on his visit, they told him he could be used in a variety of ways at his position, both pass catching and blocking. Matuska is also aware Michigan has two other tight ends committed, but isn't deterred by it.

"It's competition, that's something you always have to look at," he said. "I actually know (Michigan commit) Jake Butt, we both live in Pickerington. Coach Borges told me that we're both two very different players, so they wouldn't just use one of us."

He says that is actually appealing that Michigan is willing to use three different types of tight ends in its offense, and that the coaches expressed that position is a spot that needs depth.

Matuska says that in an ideal situation he would like to make his decision before summer, but still has some visits to take and information to gather.

"When we were up at Michigan we didn't get to meet Coach (Brady) Hoke, and my parents wanted to meet him," he said. "So we're going to get back up there sometime after my Notre Dame visit. Coach (Dan) Ferrigno and I are trying to set up a time for me to get back to Ann Arbor."