DL Wyatt Teller update

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Wyatt Teller (Bealeton, Va./Liberty) spent his junior season being shuffled around on the Liberty High School football team. He started at defensive end but then was moved to outside linebacker when a teammate quit. Later that season, an inside linebacker was injured, and coach Tom Buzzo decided to move Teller again.

"My coach instilled in me that what he says goes," Teller said. "But I think my coach thought I was versatile enough, and I'll do anything for the team."

While the 6-foot-4, 245-pound rising senior is versatile on the field, it's on the line where he's gaining interest from college coaches.

Teller has already picked up 13 offers, including Michigan, Virginia and Virginia Tech. He said he has spoken with Michigan defensive line coach Jerry Montgomery a handful of times and that he has been impressed.

"He's a fun guy to talk to, he's not dull or too energetic, he's perfect," Teller said. "It's just two guys talking, which is good. It's good when someone goes, 'How are you, how are you doing?' Sometimes when coaches slow down and don’t just say, 'Hey we'll get you to the NFL, we need you,' that's a good thing."

While he has been impressed with the Wolverines, Teller said he's taking the process slowly and gathering information. He's hoping to take some unofficial visits to schools, including Michigan, during his spring break.

"As of right now I'm seeing who's interested and who wants to offer, and then I'll start saying I like this school or that school and then narrow it down," Teller said. "But I'm not narrowing it down yet. I think it's too early for that. I’ll see those schools more in depth and then that's the point when I'll start to make my decision, probably late summer early maybe early fall."

Teller explained that he wants to take his time, though also saying if he visits a school and is "wowed" then that's where he'll go.

He said his weakness is his speed, noting that he comes from "a family of slow people," but he's working on it. It's in the weight room where he has made his mark, he said, noting that's where he thinks he stands out among other recruits for college coaches.

But it's also in the classroom where Teller stands out. He has a 3.75 GPA and is focused on finding a school that's the right pick both athletically and academically. He understands that while he might have the potential to play professionally, that he must also have an education, which is one of the reasons why he likes the University of Michigan.

"Every kid that goes D-I thinks he's going to the NFL, which is a little delusional," Teller said. "They should think the average NFL player lasts five years, and when your knees are blown out what are you going to do after that? I want to get the best education. I want to get the best football and the best education -- that will be big."