QOTW: Pick your super power

Kevin Koger said his super power would be flight, which would make it easy to get to class on time. Lon Horwedell/Icon SMI

Question of the week is a weekly feature at WolverineNation where we ask Michigan athletes and coaches all the same questions and publish their best answers each Monday.

This week's question: If you could have any super power, which would it be and why?

MATT VOGRICH, Michigan basketball player: “I would want to be able to fly, because everyone knows I can’t jump that high and it would be really cool to be able to jump really high and fly, basketball-wise. I think that’d be really helpful. Everyone knows I’m not the most athletic person on the team, so that comes to mind. I would also take being a mind reader because I’m always wondering what people are thinking and it’d be cool to know that at all times.”

SHANE MORRIS, 2013 quarterback commit: “What’s it called when you can be anywhere in the world when you want to be? What is that? Teleporting, OK, that’d be awesome. I could visit the world easily. If I’m here and I’m bored I could just go to Australia or something.”

JAKE BUTT, 2013 tight end commit: “Oh man. My answer changes every single time for this. It would probably be ... [lots of deliberation, asking someone else what they think his super power should be] … it would have to be reading peoples’ minds. Nevermind. No. I want to fly. I think it’d be sweet to view the world not just on the ground. I know you can fly in an airplane but I want to fly like Superman, so I can fly up there with the birds and everything like that. No cape though, that’s too cheesy.”

DAVID DAWSON, 2013 offensive line commit: “Speed, I don’t know why I would want it, just to be really fast. Maybe then I could actually play a skill position.”

TACO CHARLTON, 2013 defensive line commit: “I’m going to say probably strength, to be like Superman or something like that. Everybody knows that Superman is the big guy, everyone knows who he is, and everyone knows who he is because of his strength.”

MAX BIELFELDT, Michigan basketball player: “I’d say I’d go with flight, being able to fly. That’s really cool. There’s no real downside to it. Everyone kind of dreams of flying. It’s kind of basic and unoriginal but I’d say that.”

KEVIN KOGER, Former Michigan tight end: “Definitely flying. I was a big Dragonball Z fan growing up and I saw these guys flying all over the place and I was like, ‘Wow. I can wake up for school five minutes before I have to be there and be on time.’ I would definitely pick flying.”