Novak, Douglass can break records Friday

Zack Novak and Stu Douglass can each achieve major milestones for their longevity. Getty Images

Zack Novak hasn’t heard it from his roommate yet. There has been no ribbing, no record-book lording done by Stuart Douglass.

Eventually, it’ll happen. But so far, Douglass has been quiet about how barring injury, he’ll always have played more games at Michigan than Novak.

“He’s never said anything,” Novak said this week. “We like to mess with the younger guys more than with each other. I’m sure he’ll give me something after the season.”

But now, the two are focused on prolonging their careers as long as possible in the NCAA tournament. Douglass is expected to play in his 136th game at Michigan on Friday night when the fourth-seeded Wolverines face No. 13 Ohio in the Round of 64 -- officially passing Loy Vaught for the most games ever played for the Wolverines.

Novak isn’t far behind as Friday will be No. 134 for Novak, tying him with Glen Rice for third all-time.

It is an accomplishment neither could have seen when they arrived at Michigan little-known freshmen with no fanfare whatsoever.

“It’s crazy to think,” Novak said.

Douglass has never missed a game at Michigan. Novak has missed two: one a suspension for a flagrant foul his freshman season in 2009 and another when he had the stomach flu and couldn’t leave his hotel room in December, 2009 at Utah.

“The one, that was the sickest I’ve been, without a doubt,” Novak said. “I tried to play and coach (John Beilein), he wasn’t having it. I wouldn’t have been very good that night. I passed out. I was dead.

“The other game, it’s one you look back and chuckle on, that was stupid.”

Other than those two games, the pair have been a part of every Michigan win and loss over the past four seasons.

If Michigan wins Friday night and both Douglass and Novak play, they’ll finish 1-2 in the Michigan record book for games played. They’ll also likely finish in the top 15 in career 3-point percentage, in the top five in 3-pointers made and attempted.

And Novak, if he plays 26 minutes in the remainder of his career, will pass Louis Bullock for most all-time. Entering Friday night, Novak has played 4,331 minutes and Bullock played 4,356 minutes from 1995-99.

That, however, is a record he could hold over his roommate. Douglass is currently sixth at Michigan with 3,865 minutes.

It’s just part of the mark Douglass and Novak have left on a program -- and a legacy they hope is not quite done yet.