A question about Robinson and records

As Michigan junior quarterback Denard Robinson moves up the NCAA’s career rushing list for quarterbacks, there’s a legitimate question that might come into play.

What of his rushing yards against Western Michigan?

The Big Ten and Michigan are counting the stats from the Wolverines’ abbreviated 34-10 win over the Broncos. But the NCAA, which is the ruling body on these matters, is not counting the statistics.

Robinson sits at 2,933 rushing yards by Michigan and Big Ten standards, and 2,887 according to the NCAA.

He’s currently No. 16 all-time by either number, having passed Kansas State’s Ell Roberson (2,818 yards) and with Florida quarterback Tim Tebow (2,947) and Central Michigan’s Dan LeFevour (2,948) next up waiting to be passed.

The all-time quarterback rushing leader in the FBS is former West Virginia quarterback Pat White, with 4,480 yards.

While the two Rich Rodriguez recruits -- White and Robinson -- could very well finish Nos. 1 and 2 all-time in quarterback rushing, the question remains.

What if Robinson, according to Michigan and the Big Ten, passes White by less than 46 yards? What would happen then?

It could end up being a mess.

Robinson, as it stands now, is 1,547 yards away from White using the Michigan/Big Ten numbers and 1,593 yards away according to the NCAA.

Consider this, too. Robinson has as few as 15 and as many as 19 games left in his Wolverines career. Using his 86.3 yards a game career average, if Robinson plays in 15 more games he’ll gain 1,295 more yards.

But if he plays in 19 more games, he’d theoretically gain 1,640 yards. So he could end up in the range where this ends up coming right into play.

For what it is worth, Robinson is averaging 33.1 less yards a game on the ground this season at 97.8 yards a game than he did in 2010, when he averaged 130.9 yards.