Is Bri'onte Dunn still an option?

Michigan just grabbed its 24th commitment for the 2012 class with running back Drake Johnson (Ann Arbor, Mich./Pioneer). The Johnson commitment means the coaching staff now has a fullback type committed in Sione Houma (Salt Lake City/Highland) and a speed back in Johnson.

The commitment also means there are only around three to four spots available for the rest of the class. That begs the question: What happens with the Wolverines' pursuit of Ohio State commitment Bri'onte Dunn (Canton, Ohio/Glenoak)?

Dunn has decided not to enroll early to the school of his choice, a switch from his longtime stance. That gives him more time to wait and see what happens with Ohio State and the NCAA sanctions. Since he will be waiting to make a decision it also gives him more time to check out other programs, including Michigan.

The Johnson commitment does not affect Michigan's pursuit of Dunn. They are two different types of running backs and could be used in different ways within the offense. Dunn is more of a power back, where Johnson is a speedster still with size.

Since Michigan has only a few spots remaining, and a lot more needs to fill, it will be interesting to see how the numbers play out. The coaching staff would like to land another offensive lineman, a defensive back, and two wide receivers.

Who decides to commit and when could tell the story for where Dunn ends up. This commitment, though, doesn't change Michigan's pursuit of the talented back.