Question of the Week: Historical figure

Legendary coach Vince Lombardi led the Green Bay Packers to wins in the first two Super Bowls. David Boss/US Presswire

Question of the Week is a feature on Mondays at WolverineNation where we ask athletes, coaches and others we chat with the same question and compile the answers. If you want to see previous Questions of the Week, check them out here.

In grade school all the way through college, history classes are among the norm. Everything we ever do ends up being history, so it is in that vein from which this question of the week comes.

Who in history would you most want to meet?

SHANE MORRIS, Michigan 2013 football commit: “Vince Lombardi because he was one of the greatest leaders and motivators in the history of football.”

JOEY HARRINGTON, former Oregon and Lions QB: “FDR. He is viewed as one of the greatest leaders in our country’s history. He took our country out of the Great Depression. He was the only president to be elected to a third and fourth term. There’s something to be said for at a time when our country is completely divided over politics, he was a uniter. He had a certain leadership quality and I would love to experience that first-hand, to see what he did, how he interacted with people. To see how he got people to jump on board.”

NICK STAUSKAS, Michigan basketball commit: “Either LeBron James or Tiger Woods. LeBron James is my favorite basketball player of all-time. And excluding the bad part of Tiger’s life, he’s been one of my biggest role models. I just love his mentality toward the game of golf. I watch him a lot on TV when he’s playing and I think it would be really cool to meet him and talk to him about how he approaches the game of golf and things like that.”

CAROL HUTCHINS, Michigan softball coach: “Awww, man. That’s a good question. John F. Kennedy if I had to pick the first person that came to mind. I grew up in that era right after he was assassinated and I’ve always been fascinated with people in leadership, presidencies. That’s who I’d pick.”

NICOLE SAPPINGFIELD, Michigan outfielder: “That’s a big question. FDR. He came in to the presidency with a lot of pressure on his shoulders and he really handled it well and turned everything around. He was a great speaker and even though he was in a wheelchair and had all these things thrown at him that he had to overcome, he ended up turning around the entire country.”

AMANDA CHIDESTER, Michigan infielder: “Jesus. I just think that would be awesome. I’m religious and if I could go back, I would go back to see all the great things he did. I think that would be pretty cool.”