Michigan Mailbag

It is officially the offseason at Michigan. Spring football is over. The basketball banquet has concluded. Graduation comes in a couple of weeks, as does the NFL Draft.

But the Mailbag keeps churning along.

Send your questions to @chanteljennings on Twitter or jenningsespn@gmail.com for next week’s edition and remember, the mailbag is only as good as the questions that are asked.

With that, on to your questions this week:

tony.wilson asks: Who would win in a fight, Mike Martin or a grizzly bear?


There are a lot of caveats to this. Does Martin have any sort of weapon? Is this strictly hand-to-hand combat. Is it at night or during the day? As tough as Martin is I think I’d go with the bear in this version of Man vs. Animal. The bear’s natural claws and likely height/weight advantage gives the grizzly the advantage. Now if Martin can somehow sweep the leg with a wrestling move and get the bear on the ground, he could have a fighter’s chance. But those claws, man...those claws.

goblue_jb asks: Devin Gardner didn’t show much in the way of passing skills during the spring game, yet the coaches sing his praises about the work he does in practice and we all know he's a tremendous athlete. Do you think his tendency to quickly tuck and run was more about nerves during the spring game?


Tough to say. Gardner didn’t look great in last year’s spring game, either. I’d take it more as an isolated practice and also one where both coordinators were going pretty vanilla in what they were calling. The receivers weren’t getting much separation, either. What did stand out -- and again, it was just one practice, was more the lack of crispness in Gardner’s passes. That would, in my opinion, be more of a concern than whether or not he ran too fast in the spring game because we don’t know what the play calls were. But in terms of mechanics and form, those are things you can take decent-to-good stock in. Remember, too, that quarterbacks weren’t getting hit in this game so that could have had something to do with it as well. Running vs. staying in the pocket during the spring scrimmage is not something I’d read too much into.

@hockboi on Twitter asks: Who are your early All-B1G picks for UM this year? Any?

There’s a long way to go here but I’d say it would not be surprising if Michigan sophomore guard Trey Burke was in the conversation for the league’s Player of the Year with Minnesota senior Trevor Mbawke, Ohio State junior Deshaun Thomas, Indiana sophomore Cody Zeller and Penn State senior Tim Frazier. Burke should be a sure-fire first-teamer and it wouldn’t be surprising if any of Tim Hardaway Jr., Mitch McGary and Glenn Robinson III were to end up on all-Big Ten teams. These three are unlikely in the preseason, but could end up playing their way onto the team throughout the season. This is the most talented Michigan team in quite some team and possibly the most talented group John Beilein has ever coached. But in the preseason, Burke is the only sure thing for preseason honors.