Bo Schembechler's promise to Jon Falk

In 1968, when Jon Falk was a freshman at Miami of Ohio, he became the equipment manager for then-coach Bo Schembechler. One of the first trips the Miami football team took was to Hayward Junior College in San Francisco.

On their way from the airport to the hotel the buses stalled, and Schembechler became livid.

“Defense,” he called. “Get out and push the buses.”

It was 9 p.m. by the time the Miami defense pushed the team bus to the front of the hotel. When they arrived, Schembechler told Falk to unload the suitcases into the hotel lobby. Schembechler was getting the team ready to go out to dinner when the bellboy told Schembechler he couldn’t unload bags into the hotel’s lobby. He’d have to check each player in and have the players bring their bags to their respective rooms.

Bo turned to look at the bellboy before saying, “Buddy, we will do exactly what we want to do.”

“It’s there that I learned when Bo tells you to do something,” Falk said. “You do it.”

In 1974, after Falk had graduated and Schembechler had become coach at the University of Michigan, Schembechler offered the Michigan football equipment manager job to Falk.

Schembechler ended Falk’s interview with a simple question: What do you want to do in life?

“I have watched the Rose Bowl my whole life,” Falk answered. “I want to go to the Rose Bowl.”

“If you come to Michigan,” Schembechler answered. “You can do that.”

Schembechler upheld that promise -- as he did every other promise he made Falk. By the time Schembechler retired in 1989, the two had stood on the sidelines for eight Rose Bowl games.