Entrance Interview: Allen Gant

Entrance Interview is a series at WolverineNation -- similar to our Exit Interview series -- where we chat with incoming Michigan football and men's basketball players about their thoughts as they start college, what their expectations are, and what they'll miss most about high school.

More than perhaps any other commit in the Class of 2012, Allen Gant (Sylvania, Ohio/Southview) understands what it is like to play at Michigan. After all, his father, Tony, played for the Wolverines under Bo Schembechler in the 1980s.

Now, the younger Gant has a chance to establish his own mark at Michigan as a defensive back. WolverineNation caught up with the 6-foot-1, 205-pound Gant as he was preparing to come to Ann Arbor.

WolverineNation: What weight do the coaches want you at?

Allen Gant: “Not sure yet, going into camp hoping to stay around 205.”

WN: What are your expectations for yourself in the first year, football-wise?

AG: “Knowing that I had no regrets, whether it's on the practice field or the field, I did the best I could possibly do.”

WN: What are you most looking forward to at Michigan?

AG: “Just meeting new people, getting a chance to become a part of a new family, experiencing college life.”

WN: What has your training regimen been over the past few months?

AG: “A lot of explosive stuff, leg wise. They split it into a four day program then spring you cut it down to three. A lot of it was power lifting for upper body.”

WN: What have the coaches told you should expect or face in your first year?

AG: “I know they've said that there's always an opportunity to play right away, it's up to me whether I want to take that opportunity.”

WN: What’s the one thing you'll miss about high school?

AG: “Probably my freshman year when we won he state championship. not including sports that whole year was phenomenal.”

WN: Would you ride Taylor Lewan's twosie bicycle?

AG: “If asked, maybe depending on the situation.”

WN: What degree do you see yourself graduating with in four or five years?

AG: “A Master's degree. I want to major in sports management.”