Michigan rides wave of recruiting success

It’s great to be a Michigan fan this offseason.

The Wolverines are dominating the recruiting trail like no other school. Michigan sits atop the first football class rankings and is No. 2 in the first basketball class rankings. Only four other schools appear in both sets of rankings: North Carolina (No. 18 in football/No. 1 in basketball), Notre Dame (10/7), Alabama (3/8) and Florida (10/2), though it should be noted the basketball rankings go only 10 deep at this time.

Given the fact the SEC has won six consecutive football national championships and three of the past seven basketball national championships, it’s good to see Michigan keeping up with, and beating, the 800-pound gorillas of the NCAA jungle.

"There are numerous programs in football and men's basketball and women's basketball and all the sports we compete in ... every program out there is trying to get better," athletic director Dave Brandon said. "They are all going out and recruiting great kids, the best they can find, and they all want to win championships. What we have to do is we have to respect that, recognize it, and go out and work that much harder."

Notice, too, that no Big Ten school appears in both rankings besides Michigan. While it’s likely another Big Ten team or two will join the Wolverines when the basketball rankings expand (Ohio State, Penn State and Michigan State are the other Big Ten schools in the football top 25), no one can dispute what’s going on in Ann Arbor right now.

"I really like the quality of the players we are recruiting, the athletic capabilities of the young people we are recruiting, and I also like their academic qualifications and their character," Brandon said. "The coaches are doing a terrific job of recruiting the kind of student-athletes who are going to be successful at the University of Michigan."