Short sleeves? No problem for Hoke

Brady Hoke walked into his final Wednesday press conference of the regular season wearing something no one has seen on the sidelines: a long-sleeved, dri-fit Michigan shirt.

It isn't the texture of the shirt but something else -- the sleeves. Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow will force Hoke into wearing those dreaded sleeves on the sideline. He prefers to wear his sleeves short on game day.

"Always have. Practice. Games. I'd like to wear shorts, if they'd let me," Hoke said. "I honestly don't get cold. I have a lot of insulation, so I don't get cold."

There isn't any ulterior motive behind his short-sleeve-wearing ways, either. It is not to prove he is tougher than another coach or set a tone for his team. Guy just likes his sleeves short.

"Look, I have a hard time putting a coat and tie on," Hoke said. "Don't really enjoy doing that. It has nothing to do with anything but that I'm comfortable in what I'm coaching in."

So far, it is working as Hoke has turned around football programs at Ball State and San Diego State and is 9-2 in his first season at Michigan.