Notes from Michigan's victory

Catch a grenade: Following the victory, junior quarterback Denard Robinson threw the ball in the air and when it hit the ground, every player fell backwards to the ground. Senior center David Molk said that it's a thing the Wolverines do every Friday after practice.

"Once it hits it's like a bomb explodes and we all fall," Molk said.

BCS bowl game whispers: With Michigan's 10th win this season, the Wolverines could be extended an offer to play in a BCS bowl game.

"We’ll see how the BCS standings come out," Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon said.

Reviewing plays: Twice the Wolverines scored touchdowns that would've given them a 12-point lead (13 if kicker Brendan Gibbons makes the PAT). And both times the touchdowns were overturned after officials reviewed the plays.

"I swear, we have the most touchdowns called back on review," fifth-year senior defensive end Ryan Van Bergen said. "It was disheartening. But at the same time, our defense had already made up its mind that we want this game to come down to being on us and the fact that added a bit of pressure to us probably made us excel in that situation a little more."

The penalties that happened during the second overturned touchdown moved the Wolverines back to a third-and-26, setting up a field goal attempt. The 43-yarder was a season best for Gibbons.

Cocky vs. confident: Senior defensive tackle Mike Martin said he thought the Wolverines' preparation was the key to their victory. Van Bergen agreed, but he also said the players walked a fine line between being confident and cocky coming into their rivalry game.

"We were perfectly at the edge of confident and cocky," Van Bergen said. "We were full of confidence, but no one underestimated or overlooked Ohio as a team. ... You could just sense that there was a really good vibe going around the team."

Punting woes continue: In the fourth quarter, with a 30-24 Michigan lead, sophomore punter Will Hagerup fumbled a snap at Michigan's 49-yard line and recovered it at the 32-yard line. He picked it up and tried to run, but was tackled for a loss of 17 yards.

Michigan coach Brady Hoke wasn't angered about Hagerup's fumble and explained that Hagerup just took his eyes off the ball during the snap.

"I said, 'How many snaps do you think you've caught over the course of your career? There's a probability that happens,' " Hoke said. "You may drop one sometimes. If you've caught 1,000 then you may drop one, but you won't drop the next one."