Key to '12 -- No. 6 Craig Roh

Craig Roh will start at strongside defensive end, a position he believes suits him best. Todd Kirkland/Icon SMI

Over the next two weeks, WolverineNation will break down the 10 players who need to play to the peak of their abilities for Michigan to have its best possible season, going from 10 all the way to No. 1.

For his entire career, Craig Roh has been a big, friendly guy who has always been on the field for Michigan but at the same time never truly at home with a position. He started as a freshman but was playing linebacker. Then he moved to defensive end on the weak side and found himself out of position.

Now, entering his final season, he is at the position he thinks best suits him: strongside defensive end. He had to add weight to do it and also learn how to play yet another position, but his role this season is more important than ever. Before, he could lean on Mike Martin and Ryan Van Bergen — both now in the NFL — if he didn’t make a play or didn’t understand something.

Now, Roh is the sole Michigan defensive lineman with sufficient starting experience entering the season. He’ll be surrounded by either classmates who have not played a ton of snaps, such as Will Campbell, or younger players still getting their feel for both starting and a new position -- Jibreel Black and Brennen Beyer.

Roh has always been on the cusp of being a breakout player. This season is his final season to show he can be.