2014 prospect intro: S Montae Nicholson

Name: Montae Nicholson

Position: Safety

Height/weight: 6-2/198

Positionally what are your strengths?: My length allows me to have great range, I’m getting better at reading receiver routes. I have good speed. I have good hands, when the ball comes my way I’m going to get it. It’s going to be a fight for the ball

What do you need to improve on?: I’m getting better at it, but I need to get better at recognizing routes.

Current top list: I don’t really have a top now that I’m thinking about it. I’m going through my recruitment trying to do my best during the season.

The reason Michigan would be at the top is because I’ve gotten close with the coaches. I took a tour at Pitt and got to know the coaches better and that was good.

Favorite school growing up: Ohio State. I was born in Columbus, and I always felt a connection there.

Decision timeline: Probably before my senior year, at the end of the summer before my senior year.

Visits taken: Michigan, Pitt

Visits planned (or planning): I’m going to a few games, not sure which ones yet. I plan on going to Ohio State, Michigan, Pitt, WVU.

What defense fits you best?: We run a few, but our base is a cover 4. We run a two man, a zero, a cover 1, we run a lot of coverages. They don’t have to tailor it for me but something that fits me in college.

Top aspects of a program: Academics, strong academics, to a certain extent how far away from home it’s going to be and the coaching staff. Every athlete isn’t the same, and I feel like they shouldn’t be coached the same.

What makes you an FBS level prospect?: When I go to these camps I just worry about playing as hard as I can. I’m out there for a purpose. You’re always going to get 110 percent from me, and they see in the future what I can be. My work ethic is what they’re looking for.

What other sports do you play?: I run track. I recently stopped playing basketball. I play golf a little bit, I’ll go to a course every now and then.

Female athlete crush: Allyson Felix

Sports hero: Darrelle Revis and Michael Jordan. I see Michael Jordan as a role model. The things that he’s done and his work ethic, I try to inspire to be like that. Nobody will outwork me.

Favorite dance move: I’m not really a dancer, but John Wall’s intro before his games is good.

Twitter username: @invictaforever

Funniest coach they’ve spoken to: Coach Matt House from Pitt. His energy ... it puts a smile on my face, and my family's.

Most intimidating coach: All of the coaches are pretty intimidating because they’re college coaches and they’re recruiting you and watching what you do.