Quick hits: Brady Hoke on B1G call

Michigan coach Brady Hoke spoke on the Big Ten coaches teleconference a little while ago. Here's a smattering of what the second-year Wolverines coach had to say:

On the new kickoff rules: "I think as it plays out, there will be a little more we all learn. You try to use the NFL model from a year ago the best you can. The one thing you learn from the NFL, guys are taking it out of the end zone 8 yards deep. I think you’ll see more of that. Personally, if we can get the ball or give the opponent the ball at the 25, that is something I’ll be happy with."

On philosophy of scheduling a game like Alabama early: "Well, I think we like it. We like it as a program. We like it, and I like it personally. When you want to be the best and be champions, you have to play the best and the programs on that high level. As a team, we think it will make us better when we get into the Big Ten."

Would Hoke rather have a game before Alabama? "I’m very comfortable with opening up with Alabama."

On concussions: "When you look at the health within our game and the safety of our players, you’d be remiss if you were a coach who didn’t know as much or learn as much or have the right people in place with concussions.

That’s always something as a coach that you’re concerned about, teaching the right things. How you tackle and how you block and put your face on people."

Is Michigan doing enough with them: "I believe so. I think you can go case-by-case, school by school, game by game. Here at Michigan, Dr. [Jeffrey] Kutcher and the resources we have here, it is something we don’t take lightly."

On Fitzgerald Toussaint: "We have not made any decision on what we’re going to do. That decision will come before game time. Right now he’s been practicing and get reps. We’ll just see."