Former U-M coach Carr's Harris poll ballot

Just as current Michigan coach Brady Hoke votes in the USA Today coaches poll, former Wolverines coach Lloyd Carr also has a small say in the national championship race.

He's a Harris poll voter.

The Harris poll released its final votes today and Carr's ballot was somewhat consistent -- he had Michigan at No. 9 and Michigan State at No. 11. But he also had some surprises. He ranked Northern Illinois at No. 25 and somewhat shockingly had Clemson at No. 8.

For what it is worth, Michigan finished No. 12 in the Harris poll and Michigan State finished No. 13.

Here's his full final ballot:

1. LSU

2. Alabama

3. Oklahoma State

4. Stanford

5. Oregon

6. Wisconsin

7. Boise State

8. Clemson

9. Michigan

10. Kansas State

11. Michigan State

12. South Carolina

13. Arkansas

14. Virginia Tech

15. Georgia

16. Baylor

17. TCU

18. Southern Mississippi

19. Nebraska

20. Oklahoma

21. Houston

22. Cincinnati

23. BYU

24. West Virginia

25. Northern Illinois

Former Cal quarterback -- and Flint, Mich. native -- Craig Morton had Michigan at No. 7. So did former Colorado State head coach Mike Lude, a Michigan native.

Lude had a major Michigan/Michigan State discrepancy, too, ranking the Spartans at No. 19.

Former Rutgers coach Terry Shea had Michigan State at No. 9 and Michigan at No. 17. And Lansing-based radio personality Jack Ebling had the Spartans at No. 7 and Michigan at No. 16. Those were three of the biggest Michigan/Michigan State differentials among the pollsters.