Borges: Denard thinking fast, too

Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson is known for how fast his feet are. But according to offensive coordinator Al Borges, his eyes and recognition skills have gotten speedier as well.

"One thing about Denard that is amazing is that if something goes wrong in front of him, he can identify it quickly," Borges said. "He can go to the phone right away and say, 'Blah, blah, blah missed his block right in front of me and I just couldn't see the throw,' or, 'A safety jumped in front of me so I backed out and did this.'

"It's amazing how accurate he is. You look back at the tape and it's almost verbatim with what he said."

Borges discussed how sometimes players need to watch the game on film to really know what happened on the field, but Robinson clearly isn't that kind of a player.

And Borges has seen how Robinson's self-recognition -- with his successes and failures on the field -- has improved. Borges referred to it as Robinson "troubleshooting" his own issues on the field, which has helped Robinson become a more well-rounded player and leader for the Wolverines.

"He can identify his own mistakes quickly," Borges said. "As soon as he comes off the field, before I'm even ready to yell at him, he says, 'Coach, I screwed it up. It was there. I saw it. I threw it bad,' or 'The guy jumped under it and I didn't see him.' But he'll tell you a lot of times even before you tell him."