Quick hits from Brady Hoke's presser

Michigan coach Brady Hoke spoke to the media for his 10 allotted minutes on the Big Ten conference call Tuesday afternoon. Here, as always, is a quick recap of what he said leading into Saturday's game against Notre Dame.

  • On the Notre Dame rivalry: "Well, it’s really probably a decision I’ll have nothing to do with. I don’t know. I think it’s a great rivalry from a national perspective."

  • On Denard Robinson's game last season: "Number one, for three quarters we did nothing on either side of the ball. That’s what I remember most. Denard, the fourth quarter, he played well, the receivers did a great job and Al Borges, some of the adjustments he made offensively."

  • When asked why he hasn't been saying he is "hearing football," much like he did last season, Hoke said his team needs to be "more physical."

  • On the Michigan defense: "We played a little better. When you look at from the techniques and fundamentals and the visual keys, everything you coach, there were still too many runs where I didn’t think we knocked line of scrimmage back enough … But we’re kind of a work in progress. We were a little bit that way last year, early in the season. We just have to continue to get better every time we go out.”

  • On Notre Dame being faster: "“They are. They’re a little quicker at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. ... Offensively, [George] Atkinson is a 100-meter guy, he’s a playmaker for them. Cierre Wood is a playmaker. … You look at the tight ends, they have three tight ends that everyone in the country would like to have. … [Tyler] Eifert poses a big mismatch.”