Notes and Quotes: Hoke's Wednesday presser

Michigan football coach Brady Hoke met with the media Wednesday afternoon for the final time before the Notre Dame game Saturday. Here are a few quick notes from the press conference:


Out: Brandon Moore (MCL)

In: Stephen Hopkins (hamstring), Desmond Morgan (head)

Probably Out: Brennen Beyer (knee)

Probably In: Richard Ash (undisclosed, referred to as a "boo boo")


WLB: Morgan will probably start over freshman James Ross

MLB: Kenny Demens will start over freshman Joe Bolden


Very little has been said about last season's game this week. The Wolverines are keeping their focus on Saturday and have made it very clear that they don’t believe there aren't connections between what happened in 2011 and this weekend.

But on Wednesday, when Hoke looked back at that game, he admitted the Wolverines really didn't get into any kind of a groove in the first three quarters.

"There was no rhythm," Hoke said. "I remember that at halftime, just thinking we have no rhythm to it, and then we gave up some big plays. … There wasn't any momentum anywhere. I think part of that was them, obviously, and give them a lot of respect, and part of it was we didn't handle the line of scrimmage."

Between the Wolverines' lack of run game outside of Denard Robinson -- the Wolverines' running backs picked up six total yards -- and a few big gains the Irish offense made on Michigan, the Wolverines just didn't seem to have it through those first 45 minutes.


Hoke watched last weekend's matchup between two of the Wolverines' rivals and said there were a few things that jumped out at him.

"I think they did a really nice job managing the game," Hoke said. "The playmakers they had, the amount of playmakers offensively, and then I would say their front seven on defense. You knew they were good, but they were really good."

Offensively, Hoke singled out sophomore quarterback Everett Golson as a player who impressed. Golson accounted for one touchdown and 178 yards of passing offense as well as seven yards and one touchdown on the ground.

"I think it's poise," Hoke said of Golson. "I think how he handled the offense, how he threw the football. I hadn't really seen him much to be honest with you before. I think he has got a good arm, I think he mechanically is pretty good, and he's got the ability to be elusive and run the ball."