U-M commit Jourdan Lewis stays focused

Defensive back commit Jourdan Lewis wasn’t sure if Cass Tech’s 13-6 loss to Orchard Lake St. Mary’s could sting any more than it already did.

The defeat tainted what he had hoped would be a perfect senior season. He looked back to Friday night and wondered if his team hadn’t prepared well enough, if they hadn’t been focused enough. And he couldn’t seem to get the memory of St. Mary’s quarterback kneeling with the ball to finish the game.

And then on Saturday, Notre Dame’s quarterback did the exact same thing to Michigan.

“It ended exactly as ours did,” Lewis said. “It’s really disappointing. One of my main goals was to go out of Cass Tech undefeated and I can’t do that now. But I’m going to keep that thought and picture in my head with every game I play.”

It was a disappointing weekend for the 2013 commit. After his loss, he watched as the Wolverine secondary gambled on plays against the Irish, watching as certain players’ feet looked out of line, questioning their choices.

He watches collegiate games more critically now, and while he does look up to the defensive back players on the Michigan roster, he does know that he doesn’t play the exact same way they do, so he can’t be too critical.

“I watch how other people play,” Lewis said. “But everyone has their way they play the game, but I do see what I can do to be successful up there. I know I need to play with confidence and work hard to get in the depth chart.”

And getting in the depth chart seems like a real possibility for Lewis. At 5-foot-10, 160 pounds, he’s still a bit undersized for the position but his speed and playmaking abilities seem to be what the Michigan secondary is lacking. Plus, his versatility on the field makes him a big threat against opposing quarterbacks.

Since Lewis plays receiver and defensive back for Cass Tech, he feels as though he can read opponents better. And while he enjoys both positions, he fully intends to stay a defensive back at the next level. And despite rumors in the public, the coaches fully intend for him to be a DB at Michigan, as well.

“We’re just talking about cornerback right now,” Lewis said. “I would consider it if they offered it, but they haven’t. Right now, we’re just talking about me playing defense.”

And defense is what he’s focused on right now. He can’t worry too much about Michigan until he graduates because there’s still unfinished business at Cass Tech. An undefeated home season and state championship are still within reach. And with a sloppy game against Orchard Lake, he knows his team needs to rebound in a big way.

He’s taking a hint from Michigan and not allowing one team to beat them two weekends in a row. Now, all he can think about playing Friday evening against Ford High School.

“It’s disappointing,” Lewis said. “It hurts. But I need to play better the next game.”