Quick hits: Hoke's Tuesday presser

Brady Hoke had his 10 allotted minutes on the Big Ten conference call Tuesday and while some of it was spent discussing the end of the Notre Dame-Michigan rivalry in 2014, he did hit on other topics as well.

He also said wide receiver Devin Gardner, who was injured late against the Irish on Saturday, is "fine."

Here, in bullet-form, is what else he discussed:

On being off this week: "Bye weeks are so tricky to some degree and what you want to get accomplished every year, your teams are different, the maturity of your team, the youth of your team. For us, at this point, it’s probably at a good time for us to re-evaluate a little bit where we are at, re-evaluate some of the personnel and get better as a football team from the standpoint of playing your position and doing your job."

On recruiting nationally: "When you’re a school like Michigan that has a national reputation, when I was here before we always recruited on a national basis. There’s always a lot of alums, a lot of fans. I think you’ll see more schools, more and more do it. With all the Big Ten Network and the different outlets that are there where people can your teams, I think that will continue."

On the growth of facilities: "That’s a never-ending battle. I think your facilities are a part of, and we’re very fortunate with Michigan Stadium and the 110,000-plus that come watch us play. I think our indoor facilities and practice field and weight room, training room, are second-to-none. The academic and resource center on campus, all those things are plusses. But at the end of the day, it does come down to people.

"This is a profession that is people-driven as far as trust, honesty and all those things that go along with the type of people you want to surround yourself with. So it’s a big part of it. I’m not saying it’s not, but I’ve never seen a guy go talk to a weight room or talk to a stadium when a problem arises."

On future Michigan scheduling taking strength of schedule into play: "We’ve done a pretty good job here at the scheduling. The national rivalry with Notre Dame, when that was on the schedule, your strength of schedule was pretty good. We opened up with Alabama this year and then playing Air Force, that’s a good Mountain West team. That’s all part of it."