Notes: Wolverines reasonably healthy

Michigan football coach Brady Hoke, as well as offensive lineman Taylor Lewan and defensive lineman Craig Roh, met with the media on Monday afternoon after the Michigan football team’s bye weekend. Here are a few of the points they touched on:

Injury updates

The team has obviously been able to use this week to rehab their bodies as it heads into Big Ten play. Hoke said that excluded the players that have incurred season-ending injuries (Blake Countess, Chris Wormley, Kaleb Ringer) his team is in good health. Here's a breakdown of the injured players' statuses:

DE Brennen Beyer (knee): should be back

TE Brandon Moore (MCL): "It'll be close"

DL Richard Ash (undisclosed): Better, practiced Sunday

WR Marvin Robinson (undisclosed): Better, ran around Sunday

FB Stephen Hopkins (hamstring): Fine, practiced Sunday

WR Devin Gardner (shoulder): Fine, practiced Sunday

C Ricky Barnum (sore shoulder): Fine on Sunday

Outside the lines

During the fourth quarter against Notre Dame, Gardner attempted to make a diving catch and slid into a temporary stage that was assembled outside of the end zone. Gardner sustained a shoulder injury, though it was unclear whether the structure was too close to the field, thus increasing the chances of a collision with players.

Hoke had little to say on it, though he did mention something to Notre Dame following the game.

"I don't know what good it's going to do," Hoke said. "I don't know what to tell you. I don't know if anyone is going to change anything."

Hoke also mentioned the fact similar structures and stands have been built in Michigan Stadium to accommodate opponents' bands.

Seeing the Big Ten

With their weekend off, the Wolverines had a chance to take in a few Big Ten games this weekend. Hoke said he and his wife watched the Michigan State-Ohio State game, the Wisconsin-Nebraska game and the Purdue-Marshall game, though he and his staff will watch it more in-depth this week.

And on top of the obvious advantages of being able to scout these teams, Lewan and Roh said it was nice to just sit back and watch some football as they prepare for their own Big Ten season.

"It's a new season," Roh said. "This team is ready to go. We're just ready."

"I watched a little bit here and there," Lewan added. "It's cool to be a fan. It was nice to sit down and watch the rest of your conference compete. I'm excited to get back in it."

Quick look-ahead to Purdue

Michigan spent most of last week work on itself and making itself a better team, but now eyes have looked ahead to the start of the Big Ten schedule and a few things popped out to Hoke and players about Purdue.

The Boilermakers have outscored opponents 170-83 through four games and lost a close one to Notre Dame in South Bend earlier this season.

Defensively, Hoke has been impressed with the coverage from Purdue's two cornerbacks. He also likes senior defensive tackle Kawann Short and the rest of the Boilermakers' defensive line.

"Their interior guys on the defensive line are powerful, they're quick," Lewan said. "They can both stop the run and pass rush at the same time. The outside guys are phenomenal with their hands."

Offensively, Hoke said they have good skill at important positions and that senior quarterback Caleb TerBush has greatly improved.

"You watch them against Notre Dame," Hoke said. "They played a very good football game."