WolverineNation mailbag

Can Denard Robinson exorcise the career demon that is Michigan State? Lon Horwedel/Icon SMI

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- The second of Michigan’s rivalry weeks is upon us, with the Wolverines taking on in-state foe Michigan State on Saturday, a team they have not beaten in the past four seasons.

What would it take for Michigan to win? And how much would a win, which would be the 900th in program history, matter?

These questions are answered in this week’s WolverineNation Mailbag.

@TyTessmer from Twitter: Watched MSU on BTN, we better not take that defense lightly! Denard Robinson will have his work cut out to get it done against them! He really needs to get over on the team, I think he is going to have to throw to get it done. What do you think?

While I don’t believe Michigan State’s defense to be the juggernaut it was a season ago when it completely stifled Robinson, it should still be among the top units the Wolverines face. But if you’re Michigan, you know what you do well and you know what you struggle with at this point when it comes to offensive game plan with Robinson. So you bring out the same plan, understand what the Spartans might do to stop you, and go for it again. Michigan’s biggest struggles this season have come when it tried to pass downfield at the outset. The Wolverines didn’t connect, and it set the tone for the game. If you are Michigan, you stick with what works for you -- and that is reminiscent of the game plans the past two weeks.

@cdbarker from Twitter: Bigger deal for Michigan, first team to 900 wins, or potentially 362 consecutive games with points next year?

It’s an interesting question, but I’d side with the streak of games without being shut out. While Michigan will and should be happy with reaching the 900-win mark at some point this season, understand the number is a little skewed because not every football program has been playing for the same amount of seasons and for the first 30-40 years of football, few teams were that dominant. Meanwhile, the points streak has come entirely in the modern era when there have been more good teams and usually a tougher schedule. And at least two seasons where Michigan was under-.500 in the streak makes all of that even more impressive. So I’d say as long as the points streak goes, that would be the bigger accomplishment, although the 900 wins would look sexier from a marketing/recruiting standpoint whenever it happens.