The Weekly Update

Montae Nicholson, a 2014 safety, likes Michigan, but his offer list still is growing. Jackie Crawford

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On to the update:


Montae Nicholson is one of the many 2014 prospects visiting Michigan for the Michigan State game. The ESPN Watch List safety is one of the main targets for the Wolverines, and despite already having been to campus this will be his first time in Ann Arbor for a game.

"I've learned a lot about [Michigan] already, so I'm not looking for anything specific," he said. "I'm just going up there to enjoy myself and talk to the coaches. I've never been there for a game, so I'm looking to further my comfort level and see what it's like."

He will be traveling with teammate 2014 wide receiver Ricky Rogers, and both prospects are excited to see a game from inside the Big House.

Nicholson doesn't have specific questions, but he is hoping the atmosphere lives up to what he has heard.

"I'm expecting a very hype atmosphere. I'm not even sure what to expect, just a good time," he said. "I will be watching the defense, too. If I was to go there how I would fit in, what kind of scheme they run. I do that on film, too, but I'll see it in person."

Nicholson says Michigan is one of his top schools, but he isn't ready to make a decision anytime soon. He recently landed offers from Rutgers, Texas Tech and Illinois and is hearing from Georgia Tech and Notre Dame.


Another top 2014 defensive back visiting for the game is Damon Webb (Detroit/Cass Tech), who is very familiar with the program. It's always good to get your top targets on campus, and Webb is excited to be back in Ann Arbor for a game this season.

Similar to Nicholson, Webb doesn't have specific questions but does want to get another look at how both teams use the defense.

"I just really want to see how they use their corners in this game," he said. "I just want to enjoy the game overall."

Since this is a rivalry game there is that extra hype surrounding it that prospects like to be involved with, so that is a big aspect to what Webb is looking for with this visit.

"I'm expecting it to be live. All the other games I went to weren't this big, so I want to see how the crowd is in this environment," he said.


Now that Michigan split with David Dawson (Detroit/Cass Tech) the coaching staff is looking to add another offensive lineman to fill that spot. I have mentioned names such as Ethan Pocic (Lemont, Ill./Lemont) and Na'ty Rodgers (Pomfret, Md./McDonough), but more names likely will pop up.

The loss of Dawson is significant, but it isn't one that can't be filled. This did have to do with the communication he had with Florida, and it was partly a decision from Michigan as well as Dawson.

As most of you know, Derrick Green and Dawson had struck up a friendship. While Green says that won't affect his recruitment, it still might. Dawson is expected to be in Florida this weekend, and if he doesn't commit this weekend it could get interesting.

If he doesn't commit to Florida there might be a chance that Dawson shows interest in Auburn, which is a school high on Green’s list. If that happens it might just have an impact on Green.

This visit to Michigan for Green will be big as well, because this could be a blown-away experience and push Michigan out in front.

We'll have to wait and see. Green didn't rule out the possibility of committing this weekend if he felt it was the right school for him. He said that's the case with any school, though, so we'll see if he gets that feeling.

There is a chance that another prospect might already have the feeling, too. Offensive lineman Denzel Ward (Chicago/Hales Franciscan), a 2014 prospect, might be one to watch this weekend as he is visiting once again for the Michigan State game.