Ohio State sanctions are out

According to a report by the Columbus Dispatch, the NCAA has handed Ohio State a one-year bowl ban, and four extra scholarship reductions over the next three years on top of the self-imposed five by Ohio State.

Urban Meyer has been telling prospects on the recruiting trail that Ohio State wasn't expecting much more to be added before this decision came out. Depending on how those prospects view the penalties handed down by the committee of infractions, they might be OK with the outcome.

The bowl ban comes as a surprise and means that Ohio State will not be eligible to participate in a bowl game for the 2012 season. After the six win season this year, it might be safe to say removing themselves from bowl participation this season might have been more worthwhile. The bowl game next season might not be a huge deal, but the extra practice time certainly would be.

The scholarship reduction is also interesting from a recruiting standpoint as it now reduces the number of prospects Meyer can recruit by nine players over the next three years. Had the NCAA accepted Ohio State's proposed five-scholarship reduction, the Buckeyes would have been able to choose when those scholarships were taken away.

However, according to an NCAA representative, now that the committee has added on to the scholarship reduction the committee could decide when those scholarships will be lost over the next three years.

That could end up being a big deal for the Buckeyes long term as it potentially affects depth down the road. Losing those nine players over the next three years might not seem like a lot, but any loss in recruiting is usually felt.