WolverineNation Mailbag

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- I kind of felt like Santa Claus with all the questions/mail in my inbox. Only, instead of an iPod, everyone wants info. And I'm not expecting anyone to send me cookies if I answer your questions, but in case you do, feel free to just send them straight to Tom since he is our site's sweets connoisseur.

Next week Mike is taking care of the mailbag, so send your questions to michaelrothsteinespn@gmail.com or tweet them to @mikerothstein. Now, let's get to this week's questions.

1) Kevin Ujvary via Twitter: Do you think Michigan will be able to get Derrick Green with David Dawson in the fold?

A: The two have definitely formed a relationship during the recruiting process, and having Dawson committed could help Michigan’s chances. Even in the few days since Dawson recommitted to Michigan he has been actively recruiting Green to Ann Arbor. Now his biggest priority is early playing time and the depth chart (which Michigan offers with Fitzgerald Toussaint’s injury and Thomas Rawls' lack of performance). Having Dawson there to constantly reiterate those for him will help.

2) Jordan R., Dallas: What do you think will happen with Will Hagerup? Does Brady Hoke let him stay on the team?

A: It’s hard to say just because we don’t know specifics really for any of his offenses. After multiple offenses (though his were run-ins with the law vs. in-program suspensions), Darryl Stonum was let go. Hoke wants to run a strict program, but he also sees himself as a father figure. I think he goes on a case-by-case situation, so we’ll know more after the season. Keep in mind the suspension for the Outback Bowl doesn’t rule out expulsion from the team once the season is over. But he didn’t kick him off the team on the spot, which also says something.

3) Ryan M., Chicago: Halfway through the Big Ten season, will Jordan Morgan still be starting over Mitch McGary?

A: McGary still has some weight to lose, and every time your body goes through a transformation there’s a slight adjustment in learning how to play effectively with your body. Because Morgan is and has been in playing shape he has that advantage over McGary. That being said, they’ll be facing some height in the Big Ten and I can see the Wolverines playing quite a bit with two big men so it might not matter as much who’s starting vs. who’s playing more. I think the bigger question is whether Max Bielfeldt or Jon Horford is going to be healthy enough to give 8-10 minutes as a big during the conference slate. That will dictate this team’s success more than whether it’s McGary or Morgan in the starting lineup.