Quick hits from Beilein presser

Michigan coach John Beilein just finished up his media chat before Thursday's game against Bradley.

As always, here are the highlights in convenient bullet form:

  • Beilein on his team: "We almost have five in double figures right now and those are pretty good teams when we can put those numbers up, equality as far as who can score points for you. Our rebounding numbers as a team might not be up and a few things. But Stu Douglass is getting rebounds, Trey Burke is getting rebounds and Evan Smotyrcz's number is more outstanding."

  • His ideal balance: "I don't want to say that. If you have a player who really can get you 18 to 22 a game, you're not going to say 'I want you to only average 12 points.' We would probably not be able to recruit anybody ever if I said that. But it is nice to have in that anybody on our team right now can get 18 to 25 a game but I wouldn't be surprised if there was a lot of equality this year."

  • On scouted well for this game: "It's been two years since Patrick (Beilein, now Bradley's director of basketball operations) has been with us. He'll probably be able to tell you how much we've changed. It's like when you go home and have little children, when you see them every day you don't see how much they change but when the grandparents come in, there's a big difference. I'll ask him that question, about how similar are we."

  • On Bradley concerns: "Taylor Brown is an extremely talented player who can go for 18 or 25 points. Their guards are both long and quick, 6-foot-3 and Jordan Prosser gets a bunch of offensive rebounds. They are closer to what we are expecting in Big Ten play than what we saw in some of our previous games. But they are in transition with a new coach and that's difficult but they can beat anybody that they play. I really believe that. Just want to keep that until the new year."

  • Beilein said he thinks his team is clear of academic obligations after today and anticipates no problems with any mid-year academic issues.