Bolden's father reflects

WolverineNation will be running Q&A’s with the parents of the Michigan commitments leading up to signing day to give their perspective on the recruiting process. Here is a look at what linebacker Joe Bolden’s father, Dan, had to say.

Q: Are you happy with the way your son's recruitment turned out?

A: Yes. When you have control of the situation and it doesn't spin out and create a life of its own, I think the situation goes much better. You read sometimes that recruiting gets out of control if the kid or his family lets it get away from them. We're very happy with the way it went. Part of it is because we remained in control.

Q: Did you think he would end up at Michigan?

A: We kept it very open. When we approached it and figured out he was going to play Division I football we wanted to leave it open. One of the things we stressed -- and he knows because I'm a former football player, former coach, his uncle was a former football player now a coach -- at some point in time you stop playing football, you have to have a plan for when that happens. I think it was important when we began to think about the process it was think about what you're going to get in the long run.