Meet Erik Magnuson

Name: Erik Magnuson

Hometown: Carlsbad, Calif.

Ht., wt.: 6-foot-6, 280 pounds

Projected position: Left tackle

Q: Who will be your roommate at Michigan?

A: It depends on who commits.

Q: Do you plan on pulling any pranks on your roommate?

A: Yeah, but if I told you it wouldn’t be much of a prank.

Q: What are you most excited for about college?

A: I think getting away and the whole experience of being by myself. Getting a new start.

Q: What are you least excited for about college?

A: Not really anything.

Q: What are your goals while at Michigan?

A: Four years of starting, and I want to graduate with a degree.

Q: Do you know what you want to study?

A: I don’t, I go back and forth.

Q: Are there any current Wolverines you're excited to learn from?

A: Taylor Lewan because he plays my position and I know him the best. He has more experience, but any of the older players.

Q: What's your favorite movie?

A: Dumb and Dumber.

Q: Who's your favorite music artist?

A: Justin Bieber..

Q: What’s the most embarrassing song on your iPod?

A: Probably Backstreet Boys.

Q: Outside of football, what do you do for fun?

A: Play basketball and mess with people, like pranks.

Q: Who's your favorite athlete?

A: Shaq.

Q: If you were giving advice to a recruit in the 2013 class, what would it be?

A: Don’t get overwhelmed by all the phone calls, just stay patient. Just wherever you feel more comfortable.