Hoke rails on social media, explains Norfleet

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Brady Hoke will never be confused with a technological wizard. He won't be up on all of the latest fads and certainly won't be up all hours of the night thinking of 140-character bursts to send out to the world.

Then, there's this.

“I wouldn’t Twitter. Why would I want you to know I’m at McDonald’s eating a cheeseburger? Because it’d probably be three or four,” Hoke said. “I’m not real big into anything. I don’t Facebook. I don’t Twitter. I don’t email.”

No email?

“No," Hoke said. "If I want to talk to you, I’ll call you up and we’ll talk.”

Social media, Hoke said, has allowed coaches to monitor what recruits have been saying -- and not saying -- even easier. And he doesn't think it is a good thing.

"Sad to say that some of the stuff, because of social media, you can find out a lot about guys," Hoke said. "That’s all part of it. That’s what’s changed.

"And I don’t think it has changed for the good in a lot of ways."

Picking up late

The dismissal of Darryl Stonum did force one change for Michigan -- it told the Wolverines they needed to find another dynamic returner.

So Michigan did ... on Tuesday night.

Michigan offered running back Dennis Norfleet (Detroit/Martin Luther King) on Tuesday night, and the former Cincinnati commit accepted and sent in his Letter of Intent to Michigan on Wednesday.

In what might be one of the faster recruitments ever, Michigan didn't reach out to Norfleet until ... Tuesday.

"It was pretty much yesterday," Hoke said. "You go through the process and it's all about numbers and building this puzzle and we were going to have the numbers to be able to take a guy like him. So, it happens that way sometimes. Believe me."