Michigan roundtable

Senior defensive tackle William Campbell has yet to live up to his high school hype, but early reports out of Michigan's spring practice have been positive. Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Trey Burke has a decision to make. Will Campbell is trying to reach expectations placed on him early in his college career. And Michigan still has 16 commitments for the Class of 2013 --more than halfway done, numbers-wise, for a group signing in February 2013.

Those three topics are covered in this week's Michigan roundtable. Have a question you want all three of us to answer? Email michaelrothsteinespn@gmail.com.

1) A lot has been made of Will Campbell's spring thus far. How much does that help him in the fall, does he end up starting and what happens to him?

Chantel Jennings: I think Campbell is going to have a good year for the Wolverines. He's not Mike Martin and no one should expect him to do that, but he should battle at the point of attack. On Tuesday he admitted that he had maybe been a bit lazy early on and that he's now playing to the expectation of the position. I'm not going to underestimate any defensive line players on Michigan though because they have Brady Hoke, Greg Mattison and Jerry Montgomery coaching them.

Michael Rothstein: He'll start -- as much because Michigan's options there are limited as how much he has improved. All the potential is there and he looks to be in the best shape of his career. However, those expectations are still going to follow him. He'll start. He'll have a decent season, but it still won't be as great as some think it will be -- mostly because expectations are starting to ratchet up again amongst the fan base. But he'll be a strong contributor for Michigan in 2012, just not an all-Big Ten player.

Tom VanHaaren: A lot is always made out of spring practices. The coaching and training is certainly going to help him, and I do think he's going to start. Michigan is still a little thin at his spot, but he really needs to be the anchor of that line for it to succeed.