CB Talbott moving up, Gardner update

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- For a position that used to come under much scrutiny at Michigan the past few seasons, the Wolverines have now found themselves with a better problem to have.

A lot of good cornerbacks. Only a few places to play them all.

The latest cornerback to make a potential move up the depth chart is Terrence Talbott, a 5-foot-11 junior who has started to push this spring for real playing time this fall after playing only special teams as a sophomore.

He had 15 tackles as a freshman, when he played cornerback in 11 games.

“He’s been physical,” Michigan defensive coordinator Greg Mattison said Thursday. “He’s a guy that has done a really good job of taking on blocks. He’s done an adequate job of coverage. When we’ve blitzed him, he’s come hard.

“All the things a corner has got to do. We are just evaluating each day at which ones does the best at what you’re asking him to do.”

Talbott is still in a crowded defensive backfield, vying with last year’s starters -- sophomore Blake Countess and fifth-year senior J.T. Floyd -- along with sophomores Raymon Taylor and Delonte Hollowell and junior Courtney Avery for time at essentially two, maybe three if you count a nickelback, slots.

Overall, though, it is not a bad problem to have.

Gardner the No. 2 quarterback -- and that might be that

Early on this spring, Michigan offensive coordinator Al Borges said he was going to search for a role of some sort for backup quarterback Devin Gardner within the offense.

Now with spring practice close to over, Borges thinks he has found a spot for him.

“Yeah, I think so, and right now it is backup quarterback,” Borges said. “He’s going to be number two quarterback and then see how things go. Our approach with Devin hasn’t really changed too much.

“We have to find a way to get him on the field because he has skills that go over and above your average quarterback.”

Borges said he isn’t that far ahead of quarterback Russell Bellomy, whom coaches have also given time to this spring.

“He’s got people’s attention. Russ is another kid that is very athletic, can throw the ball and has good functional intelligence,” Borges said. “He is a kid that needs more body learning, more reps, but he has had a pretty good spring, too.

“He doesn’t get mentioned as much as he should. He’s a good little player.”

This and that

When asked how safety Josh Furman has been doing during camp, Mattison reversed course and said Michigan head coach Brady Hoke would have to answer that. Hoke speaks to the media next on Tuesday. ... Borges said Brandon Moore is Michigan’s top tight end right now -- not surprising as he has by far the most experience.