Meyer embracing Michigan-OSU rivalry

Every day in the Ohio State football locker room, there is a reminder. Much like what is at Michigan, the rivalry between the Wolverines and Buckeyes is never far from anyone’s mind.

At Michigan, there are countdown clocks. Last season there was a count posted of days since Michigan had beaten Ohio State. At Ohio State, there are videos playing.

“In the locker room every day, we have videos playing of the past 100 years of the tradition of the game,” Buckeyes fullback Zach Boren said. “That video has been playing for a long time. It reminds us every day how significant that game is and how many great games have been played in that rivalry.”

While the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry has always been intense -- up there with North Carolina-Duke basketball and Alabama-Auburn football as the tops in college sports -- the addition of Brady Hoke at Michigan and Urban Meyer at Ohio State could take it to another level.

A level once reached when Woody Hayes coached Ohio State and Bo Schembechler was at Michigan.

Both Meyer and Hoke grew up in Ohio and both have taken to not-so-subtle jabs at the other school, from Hoke calling Ohio State "Ohio" to Meyer referring to Michigan in Hayes-speak of "That School Up North," a phrase Boren repeated Wednesday.

“I don’t think that rivalry has ever really left (Meyer),” Boren said. “It was definitely brought up a lot in our offseason training. If you want to be successful at Ohio State or that team up north, you have to embrace that rivalry.”

Michigan and Ohio State play in Columbus on Nov. 24.