Michigan Roundtable

Is Roy Roundtree deserving of Michigan's fabeled No. 1 jersey? The WolverineNation panel isn't quite sure. AP Photo/Tony Ding

The spring game is over and already, discussion over whether or not someone will wear the No. 1 jersey next season has begun.

There has been increased discussion of the ESPN 150 and Michigan's strong representation in the initial list when it was released Tuesday.

We cover these topics in this week's Michigan roundtable.

1) Michigan coach Brady Hoke didn't dismiss the possibility of giving out the No. 1 jersey this year. Should he? If so, to whom?

Michael Rothstein: I'm on the fence about this. The obvious candidate, even though he is not a wide receiver, is Denard Robinson. But Robinson believes it is a wide receiver thing. While many successful receivers have worn the No. 1 at Michigan, so has Tyrone Butterfield, who didn't have the strongest career. So if Roy Roundtree wants to wear it and has shown enough in the leadership department, then I say give it to him.

Chantel Jennings: I think it will be interesting to see what Hoke decides to do. The main recipient in question is Roundtree. I think Roundtree is a good receiver. Is he incredibly prolific? Will he be remembered as one of the best 50 years from now? I don't think so. So if the No. 1 jersey is intended only for receivers that have solidified themselves in Wolverine lore, then I don't think the jersey should be given out this year. However, if the jersey is intended for the best receiver on the team each year, then it should be given to Roundtree. If it's somewhere in between those two options, then it's a toss up.

Tom VanHaaren: No. That jersey has become a big symbol of a lot of things for Michigan. I think giving it to someone this season wouldn't make a lot of sense and would add unnecessary pressure.

2) With the ESPN 150 being released Tuesday, who do you think has the best chance to make a move up when the next rankings come out?

Tom VanHaaren: A lot of the rankings are based on film and camp performance, and I wrote a blog about this, but in my opinion most likely either linebacker Ben Gedeon or tight end Jake Butt. Neither prospect really participated in camps and their junior film isn't very readily accessible. It makes it tough to evaluate someone when that's the case.

Chantel Jennings: Shane Morris (Warren, Mich./De La Salle). I was a little surprised with the fact that he was the No. 4 pocket-passing QB in the country, but I think a solid showing at Columbus Elite 11 event and the finals (if he were to get an invite) could move him up a few spots. His goal is to be the No. 1 QB in the country in the final rankings, and that's a possibility for him, I would never rule that out. His accuracy and speed were the two main points of improvement at the Elite 11 camp in Dallas, but if he shows he's more under control at the next few events and continues putting on weight and muscle, I think he'll definitely jump up a few spots and leapfrog some of the other quarterbacks.

Michael Rothstein: I'm going to go with Jourdan Lewis. When I saw him play last season I was extremely impressed by him. If he continues playing well in campus and during his senior season, he could shoot up the rankings even more from his No. 107 slot. He has the chance to be a really good one.

3) Going along with that, whose ranking surprised you the most?

Tom VanHaaren: I really believe that cornerback Gareon Conley (Massillon, Ohio/Washington) is going to be good. I think the Michigan coaches found him before anyone else did, and Conley is a guy that programs really didn't know about because he never took any visits before his Michigan trip. He also never participated in camps or combines. That being said, I was surprised that he was ranked as high as he was within the ESPN 150. He's now ranked as one of the top overall cornerbacks in the country, so that somewhat surprised me.

Chantel Jennings: David Dawson (Detroit/Cass Tech). It's really hard for scouts and colleges to keep track of kids when they're moving during the recruiting process. Dawson moved twice in the span of a year and change. In fact, he had an offer from Eastern Michigan when he left for Texas but he didn't know about it until he came back a year later because of all the chaos with moving and the coaches being unable to get ahold of him. But I think now that he's in one place, playing with a lot of other really talented kids, he was finally given the evaluation he deserved. I wasn't surprised that he made the list, I was surprised that he was named the No. 1 guard in the country. He's deserving of it, I just wasn't sure how far he would be able to jump in the rankings after being left off the initial watch list.

Michael Rothstein: Tom and Chantel hit on the two main ones so I guess I wasn't surprised by much else. Thought Morris might be a tiny bit higher but not much. If anything, I was surprised by how many Michigan commits ended up in the 150, so I'll go with that.